Monday, October 10, 2016

Cover Reveal ~ The Prophet Takes All by Melissa Brown

Prophet Takes All by Melissa Brown
October 25, 2016
So many fools. Nothing but fools.
That worm of a detective, my mother, Paul. Fools—all of them. But Aspen, oh Aspen…she was the biggest fool of all.
Aspen Black, a seemingly ordinary woman of the compound, transformed into the utter bane of my existence in just a matter of months. She had the gall to question me, to seek the counsel of an outsider, and to disobey my word. 
To add to her list of transgressions, Aspen recruited my own brother in the crusade against me. For this, they must both be punished. And their daughter, Ruthie, is the key to their retribution.
Aspen and Paul will pay for their crimes against the one true prophet. If it’s the very last thing I do.

*I absolutely love this series and canNOT wait to read the last installment. If you haven't read these go get caught up now. -Heather

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